Biden ‘Racking Up’ Yet Another Geopolitical Failure

When it comes to geopolitical affairs, much of the United States groans and suffers secondhand embarrassment each time Biden or his Administration puts out a statement.

It is because Biden’s handling of international affairs makes it obvious he lacks the knowledge, judgment, and intelligence to be wading in these waters.

Last year, the President didn’t see any issues removing troops from Afghanistan before evacuating American citizens and allies safely. Biden saw zero problems with this, notwithstanding prior advice from his team to keep some troops on the ground. Now, the Taliban is running the show in Afghanistan.

When it comes to Biden’s handling of the escalating Russia-Ukraine conflict, the steps Bdien’s taken thus far, once again, prove he is out of his element, as explained by PJ Media.

On Tuesday, the sitting President of the United States informed the world that yet another round of sanctions would be imposed upon various higher-ups within the Russian government.

The White House has been adamant in its vows to slap Russia with rounds of sanctions if they opt to target Ukraine. However, this doesn’t carry the weight the Biden Administration appears to believe it does.

For starters, the Russian government has already come out and expressly stated it has zero regards for US government sanctions. Furthermore, the Russian government’s wealth, access, and connections supply the necessary tools to counteract potential losses caused by sanctions.

At this point, Russia is moving in on Ukraine. Biden is doing nothing to stop it. Under Biden’s leadership, all the US government has done is finger-wag at Putin and announce impending sanctions that Russians are currently laughing at.

Eight years ago, under the Obama Administration, when Russia moved in on Ukraine, the 44th President did virtually nothing to stop it. Now, history appears doomed to repeat itself.

Putin didn’t respect Obama, and he certainly doesn’t respect Biden. Meanwhile, Biden has the eyes of the world on him as everyone assesses how he handles this situation.

As a result of what’s happening with Russia and Ukraine, there are already speculations that China will take similar measures against Taiwan. Safely, if this does come to pass, America and the rest of the world can expect Biden’s response then to be as weak-kneed as it is now.

Elections have consequences, as do haphazardly made choices when it comes to geopolitical affairs.