Biden Promises To Take South Africa Off Coal

Joe Biden continued carrying the globalist narrative forward on Wednesday, announcing his promise to convert South Africa from using coal as its primary energy source to “green energy” sources. That pledge comes even as that nation lacks sufficient energy production to keep its electricity service in operation 24 hours each day already.

Biden’s sweeping promise came before a group of African national leaders in a Washington, D.C., conference. He said the U.S. will spend “$8 billion in public and private finance to help South Africa replace coal-fired power plants with renewable energy sources and develop cutting-edge energy solutions like clean hydrogen.”

Even though South Africa struggles with blackouts, energy experts claim the nation is an “ideal candidate” for solar and wind energy production. It currently produces 77% of its already insufficient energy through coal. Moreover, South Africa is estimated to have sufficient coal reserves to provide its energy needs for another two centuries.

South Africa is currently attempting to manage its energy shortage through planned blackouts that the government describes as “load-shedding.” The country’s inability to supply its residents with electricity stems from the failure to build new power generation facilities.

It has also suffered severe “white-flight” of qualified electrical engineers from the country due to aggressive affirmative action hiring policies.

Further, the South African government has used a “cadre deployment” policy that has become a way for politically connected but unqualified cronies to move up in energy management across the nation.

The overall climate of corruption that now plagues South Africa has also seen contractors become more brazen in their efforts to fleece electricity providers while not providing essential services that would benefit consumers.

On the very same day that Biden promised to spend $8 billion of American funds on the collapsing South African infrastructure, the CEO of the state-owned South African power company resigned amid accusations that he was attempting to overthrow the government.

South Africa’s electricity instability has become a significant disrupting force in the nation’s economy. In addition to lost production, frequent surges have led to the destruction of industrial equipment and personal electronic devices like computers and mobile phones.

The City of Cape Town is using independent power generation companies to avoid the utterly unreliable power provided by the national government.

Biden’s promise to altogether remove coal as an electricity option for the troubled residents of South Africa appears to assume that the U.S. government will be able to somehow immediately design, develop, and implement “renewable” power sources at a scale far more than that nation’s current production capacity.