Biden Polling Continues to Plummet

As the midterm elections set in November that will determine the control of Congress until the 2024 presidential race approaches, a new poll indicates that Joe Biden might want to consider retirement options.

Although President Donald Trump has yet to make a public announcement about his 2024 plans, many observers believe he is committed to making a third run at the White House. Meanwhile, several corporate media figures in the tank for Democrats are openly calling for Biden to say he will not seek reelection in 2024 before this year’s elections.

Washington Post columnist Steven L. Isenberg wrote an op-ed last month titled “Quit, Joe, Quit! Biden could save the midterms with a one-term pledge.”

A poll conducted by Yahoo News/YouGov last month indicates how strong the public sentiment is becoming for Biden to declare himself a one-term president now. Andrew Romano’s Yahoo News piece accompanying the poll is titled “Poll: Many Americans say 2nd Biden or Trump term would be ‘worst thing that could happen’ in 2024.”

Poll respondents were asked what “the worst thing that could happen” in 2024 would be, and 39% said a Biden election while 41% said a Trump election.

When asked what would be the “best thing that could happen,” 22% said a Trump election, and only 8% said a Biden election.

Only 18% of the respondents said that Biden should run for a second term in 2024. Of those who said they voted for Biden in 2020, only 29% would like to see him run again while 46% of his previous voters said he should retire.

When asked if Biden would be a stronger candidate in 2024 than he was in 2020, only 12% thought he would be, including only 26% of Democrats.

Among Republicans, 57% believe Trump will be a stronger candidate in 2024 than in 2020, with only 17% saying he would be weaker.

Among Democrats and Independents who said they lean toward Democratic candidates, only 27% want Biden to be the party’s 2024 nominee. That compares to 55% who said they would prefer to see a different Democratic candidate in 2024.

The poll surveyed 1,557 American adults and carries a margin of error of 2.7%. Romano wrote in his piece issued with the results that they are “just the latest in a series of dismal readings of the national mood — but it may be the bleakest yet.”