Biden Losing ‘Major Support’ From Black Voters

The Democrat Party consistently claims to be the political party that cares about minorities and sees people of color succeed.

Democrats have also developed a redundant habit of calling Republicans racist and saying that any right-wing policy is motivated by discrimination. Throwing around the race card doesn’t make Democrats’ arguments any stronger. By contrast, it merely reveals the inherent flaws of their policies.

As time goes on, more people of all races and backgrounds are waking up to the lies espoused by the Democrat Party, along with the failures of their reforms.

One prime example of this materializes in the form of declining support for Joe Biden by black Americans, as American Thinker notes.

A series of polls demonstrate just how quickly Biden is losing black support. According to the Pew Research Center, since March 2021, there’s been a 27% decline in black Americans who approve of Biden’s job performance. Today, only 65% of Protestants who are black approve of Biden.

Meanwhile, the Navigator Research revealed a 10% drop in overall favorability of Biden from black Americans. Today, 76% of African-Americans view Biden negatively, compared to 86% before.

There’s more, though. The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies poll shows that 50% of black Americans see the economy under Biden as being on the wrong track. Meanwhile, 65% of African-Americans categorized the economy as poorly or moderately.

During the 2020 presidential election, Biden repeatedly pandered to black voters. During the very early stages of his campaign, Biden also came under fire for repeatedly invoking his friendship with former President Barack Obama.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not so hard to look around and comprehend why black voters have become disillusioned with Biden. The truth is that having Biden in the White House hasn’t made life better for anyone.

It has, however, triggered an inflation crisis, empowered America’s enemies, delivered a gut punch to the supply chain, crippled public safety, and more. Likewise, many black Americans feel the sting of the inflation crisis that Biden put into motion via his various spending packages.

At this point, anyone can look around and see just how much the United States is suffering because of Biden being in the White House. Voters of all races and backgrounds should remember this during the November midterms and the 2024 presidential election.