Biden Looks To Revive “Defeated” Spending Bill

Back in 2021, the Senate of the United States promptly rejected Biden’s latest spending bill known as the Build Back Better Act.

This legislation would not have “built back” anything contrary to the name. Instead, it would have granted amnesty to illegal immigrants. In addition to raising taxes on businesses and individuals, the Build Back Better Act would have let the IRS oversee virtually every US citizens’ bank account, along with implementing additional disastrous policies.

The failure of the Build Back Better Act traces to the 50 Senate Republicans and Senate Democrat Joe Manchin, who opposed the legislation. Previously, Manchin was talking with the Biden Administration to reach a common ground for his vote. However, these conversations were ultimately fruitless.

However, the lack of required votes to pass the Build Back Better Act isn’t stopping Biden from trying to revive the legislation, according to PJ Media.

The 46th President is scheduled to convene with various top CEOs to support the defeated Build Back Better Act. The CEOs at the meeting will include the heads of Microsoft, General Motors, Ford, and others.

During this meeting, Biden will attempt to coax these CEOs into believing that the Build Back Better Act will render various tax breaks and other perks for the companies they oversee.

President Biden, back in 2021, after the Senate rejected his legislation, spoke about alternative means of passing the Build Back Better Act. According to Biden, one possibility entails breaking the bill into various pieces of legislation and getting it passed that way.

However, what will matter is whether or not lawmakers are willing to vote for Build Back Better in the Senate. Right now, 51 senators oppose, and 49 senators are in favor. It shakes out to “no deal” for the Build Back Better Act.

Biden’s transparent desperation to revive the Build Back Better Act comes after a series of failures for his Administration and policies.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court canceled his COVID vaccine mandate for big companies, forcing the Administration to roll back the mandate. On top of that, the Senate also rejected Biden’s calls to eliminate the Senate filibuster.

Meanwhile, a Texas federal judge used an injunction to halt Biden’s vaccination mandate for the country’s federal employees and contractors. At every level, the 46th President has been losing.

This meeting with top CEOs on Build Back Better shows just how frantic Biden is to score a win that’s never coming his way.