Biden Just Went on a Tangent About Lunch with Segregationists

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party would love nothing more than for people to think that Republicans and conservatives are racist. The left throws out this claim all the time, accusing the political right of being hostile and aggressive towards minorities.

However, as usual, the arguments of Democrats don’t hold up with reality. During the 2020 presidential election, it was Biden, not Trump, who told African-Americans “you ain’t black” if they didn’t vote for him.

During the 1990s, it was Hillary Clinton who claimed that black men in America were “superpredators.” Time and time again, Democrats’ racism is put on full display.

Earlier in the week, Biden outed himself again, going on a rant about how much he misses his lunch sessions with segregationists, according to Twitchy.

Biden’s Admitted Dining Sessions With Segregationists
Before Biden became president and vice president, he served as a senator for decades. While in Ohio, Biden spoke about how much the Senate has changed since he was there.

That’s when things took a turn for the worst. The president reflected over having lunch with “real segregationists.” Later, Biden said “things have changed” and called for America to “bring it back.”

Since the president spoke fondly about his lunches with segregationists, Americans have rightfully held Biden’s feet to the fire. As a member of a party that frequently accuses others of racism, the president sure didn’t have any issues breaking bread with actual racists.

This is further emphasized by Biden’s call to restore segregation and its connected policies. Thus far, the White House has yet to release a statement explaining what the president really meant when he said this.

Massive Double Standards
In light of the ugly optics of Biden’s fond memories regarding dining sessions with segregationists, the mainstream media has rushed to cover this up. Many online quotes of Biden’s remarks from reporters leave out his statements on segregationists.

However, if a Republican president, lawmaker, or any other official spoke about how much they missed meals with segregationists, the media wouldn’t be looking the other way. This person would be raked through the coals and forever condemned.

Biden’s remarks in Ohio are also a reminder of his 2020 primary debate clash with Kamala Harris. Before Harris joined Biden as his running mate and vice president, she slammed him for opposing bussing into schools and working with segregationist senators.

Now, much of the country would love to hear the vice president’s thoughts on Biden’s latest remarks.