Biden Has ‘Officially Lost’ The Far Left

Since getting into the White House, Joe Biden has shown a knack for irritating various groups across the board, albeit for a series of different reasons.

Biden’s never really been in the good graces of the GOP. Most Republicans were able to see through his lies in 2020 and recognize that the notion of Biden being a moderate was nothing more than a political act. However, even some Republicans have been astounded by just how quickly Biden’s caused so many problems.

Many believed Biden would be a unifier and a moderate when it comes to Independents. Since the President hasn’t lived up to this, he’s lost significant popularity with Independents, something that doesn’t bode well for the President at all.

Finally, Democrats, especially the far left, have their grievances with Biden. Democrats are annoyed with the President for reneging on his promises to end COVID, make community college free, forgive student loans, etc. Biden made these promises to his base, knowing he wouldn’t keep them.

It has created a situation where even the far left is trashing Biden, as pointed out by American Thinker.

California-based and far-left columnist Drew Magary has unleashed against the 46th President in an op-ed, where the title declared Biden to be a “lousy President.”

From here, Magary doesn’t mince words in verbalizing the pointers that he believes deems Biden as lousy.

The far-left columnist takes issue with Biden not packing the Supreme Court with left-wing justices, not giving out free coronavirus tests, and not stopping Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema from blocking the Build Back Better agenda and “voting rights” legislation.

That’s not all, though. Magary made very clear he believes Biden also should have pushed harder with vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and quarantines. He’s also annoyed that COVID government benefits have ended, along with many other matters.

Magary lastly noted that the best thing about Biden’s presidency would be the simple fact of him not being his predecessor.

While Republicans and Independents primarily have very different reasons than Democrats for disliking Biden, it’s truly remarkable how he’s managed to alienate each of the three demographics.

It speaks to just how poorly Biden has done in the White House. The leftist ire towards Biden also significantly increases the likelihood of the Democrats primarying him in 2024 to get another candidate running for the Oval Office.

With each day that passes, the President loses more allies and supporters.