Biden Has Officially Lost All Leverage As President

When Joe Biden managed to get into the White House as president, his true colors came to light. His true colors are a far cry from candidate Biden who spoke about bringing Republicans and Democrats together and treating one another with respect.

The cold reality here is that Biden has no respect for anyone who disagrees with him or challenges him. Look no further than the president trying to get Americans fired for not taking COVID vaccines. That’s not to mention Biden falsely accusing Republicans of being racists who don’t want black Americans to vote in elections.

Thankfully, Biden’s attempt to codify medical tyranny failed as the Supreme Court struck down his vaccine mandate for large companies. Meanwhile, Biden’s claims that filibuster supporters are racist still didn’t stop the Senate from keeping the filibuster in place.

What Biden doesn’t realize, at this point, is that he’s completely lost all leverage. PJ Media perfectly explains how and why.

Less than two years of being president, less than four out of ten Americans approve of Biden’s job performance. Meanwhile, his approval ratings on various policies, ranging from geopolitics to crime, the economy, etc., are all underwater.

The fatal flaw of this president is that he’s relied on fearmongering to try and get his way. Biden did this month ago when he declared that a “winter of death” awaited individuals who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID.

Biden promoted lockdowns and claimed that states lifting lockdowns were doing so prematurely. Then, weeks later, Johns Hopkins University published a study confirming that lockdowns were ineffective and damaging all along.

Biden’s lost all leverage because he’s got no credibility and all his fearmongering has fallen flat. Growing numbers of people see through this president every day and realize what a mistake he made to get into the White House.

Biden has repeatedly confirmed his intentions to run for another term despite constantly crashing and burning. Meanwhile, Democrats, especially progressives, are already discussing having a different candidate run for office in 2024.

See, Biden’s alienated progressives, along with the rest of the country, albeit for significantly different reasons. While non-progressive Americans are frustrated with Biden’s radicalism, progressives believe Biden hasn’t been radical enough.

Likewise, the hard left isn’t too pleased with Biden reneging on his campaign promises to end climate change, remove costs associated with community college and absolve people of their student loan debts.

Biden’s party might take him out politically before Republicans get the chance.