Biden Getting Yet Another SOTU Rebuttal From His Own Party!

While some collect baseball cards or stamps or NFTs, whatever those are, President Joe Biden has a penchant for drumming up opposition from within his own party ranks!

Every chief executive who delivers a State of the Union Address knows it will be immediately followed by a chosen speaker from the opposition party who will take them to task for things said or unsaid. But seriously, who expects to be refuted by not one but three of their own party colleagues?

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) had already announced her intentions to respond to Biden’s first State of the Union Address on March 1 on behalf of the Working Families Party, whoever that is. The ultra-left Squad member says she now faces “sensational coverage,” a liberal term for “someone reported what I’m doing.”

Now another Democratic Rep. Colin Allred of Texas will deliver a second response on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus!

Does “balkanization” mean anything to the Democratic party?

And while Tlaib hilariously declares her rebuttal will “support” Biden, Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) correctly assesses her plans as “keying your car and slashing your tires.” It follows liberal comedian and host of HBO’s “Real Time” Bill Maher referring to Tlaib’s post-SOTU antics as “sacking your quarterback.”

Of course, Gottheimer’s criticism immediately loses credibility when he is slated to give his “perspective” when the main event concludes. He is signed on to a forum hosted by “No Labels,” which bills itself as a nonpartisan group attempting to get through “gridlock and dysfunction.”

Yes, there will be a trio of voices from within the party ranks telling Americans what they heard from the president and what they should expect from the party. So which Democrat will you believe? Any? Have they left someone out?

And the hits keep on coming!

Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas) bemoans Tlaib as promoting a “Democratic death wish” and having no issue with making her party “the permanent minority.” Ouch.

So, how’s that “unity” thing working out?

By the way, Republican Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa is set to give the official GOP response to Biden’s first State of the Union Address. Perhaps the best thing Republicans can do is step aside and let the president’s party devour itself on live TV.

As none other than Napoleon Bonaparte famously said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Stay tuned.