Biden Forces Progressive Politics on Public Charter Schools

Joe Biden’s Department of Education quietly published a proposal on Thursday that will establish a new administrative rule requiring charter schools to demonstrate their commitment to leftist progressive politics or lose federal funding.

The proposal was issued one day after the end of the public comment period required by law. It lays out detailed requirements that charter schools will be forced to fulfill to become eligible for federal funding and to continue receiving the money essential to keeping their doors open.

Charter schools will now be required to partner with at least one “traditional” public school in their district. This will force them to provide “professional development opportunities” and “shared transportation systems” to their partner schools in addition to taking care of their own needs.

The rule will also require charters to demonstrate their commitment to “social justice” as defined by bureaucrats in Washington and will require charters to discourage school choice. Teachers’ unions regularly promote the talking point that school choice is merely a method to reinstate segregation and deprive public schools of funding.

Charter schools will have to meet these requirements in addition to others in a “community impact analysis” that demonstrates their commitment to progressive education. They will lose federal funding unless the analysis is satisfactorily completed.

Even though black and Hispanic students are already the majority of students in American charter schools, they will be required to create “demographic projections” making comparisons to traditional public schools. This will inevitably lead to a greater emphasis on race-based generalizations rather than focusing on the needs and qualifications of individual students.

The push in Washington to hamper charter schools comes as the popularity of school choice among parents is rapidly growing nationwide. Although a majority of parents support choice, the Biden administration is firmly committed to blindly supporting the interests of teachers’ unions above those of children and families.

National Review has reported that 75 percent of all Americans support allowing parents to decide where their children attend school. Fully 65 percent of Democrats support choice, as do 86 percent of Republicans and 74 percent of independents. School choice is supported by an overwhelming 83 percent of blacks and 77 percent of Hispanics.

As long as Democratic politicians are firmly in the grasp of teachers’ unions, they will work to deprive their own voters and all Americans of the right to determine which school deserves to educate their children and receive the benefit of taxpayer funding.