Biden Faces Historic Low Support Among Female Voters

Support for President Joe Biden among female voters has reached a record low for any Democrat since 2004, according to a recent analysis by the New York Times. This shift poses a significant challenge for Biden’s reelection campaign, with former President Donald Trump now leading by eight points among women.

Biden, who had a 13-point advantage over Trump with female voters in 2020, now finds himself trailing. The Times’ average of over 30 polls since January shows a 21-point swing in favor of Trump. Rising costs and inflation seem to be major factors influencing this shift, especially among Black and Hispanic women.

The analysis points out that Biden’s support among Black women has dropped from 86 points in 2020 to 58 points, while his lead among Hispanic women has decreased to about 12 points. These declines are significant as these groups have traditionally been strong supporters of Democratic candidates.

Inflation is a critical issue for many of these voters. The analysis highlights that a majority of Black women in Michigan and Hispanic women in Arizona consider inflation the most important issue impacting their vote. This concern over rising costs has overshadowed other issues, leading to a decline in support for Biden.

The KFF survey found that twice as many women feel they were financially better off under Trump than under Biden. Among young women, nearly three times as many believe their financial situation was better during Trump’s presidency. Additionally, 41% of young women said there was no difference in their financial situation between the two administrations.

Trump’s growing appeal among women mirrors his increased support among Black and Hispanic voters. Polling data from Gallup and Siena College shows that Democratic support among these groups is at its lowest point in 60 years. Thirty percent of Black men and 11% of Black women plan to vote for Trump in 2024, a significant increase from the previous election. Similarly, Trump now leads Biden among Hispanic voters by five points, a major turnaround from 2020.

As Biden’s support continues to erode among these key demographics, the 2024 election could see significant shifts in voter behavior, emphasizing the importance of addressing economic concerns to regain support.