Biden Exposes His Dementia To The World

This year, the Autumnal Equinox turned into a Grid Lock week because of all non-moving traffic on the roads of New York due to the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. For years, it has been a tradition that the Presidents of the United Nations address the entire nation at this occasion, and so did Biden this year. Still, he did more than making an appearance and proving his dementia and diminishing mental capacity. 

You will not see the President of the United States without a teleprompter or cheat sheets that dictate him exactly how to meet and greet his peers. Andrea Widburg noted that Biden could not do so much as say ‘Hello’ to Boris Johnson without looking at the cheat sheet first. The same situation was observed in a televised meet and greet with the UN secretary-general the day before greeting Boris. During the show, Biden only talked about general themes for about two minutes, but he didn’t seem to be able to do it without his cheat sheets. The Secretary-General, of course, being of sound mind, did not use any such sheets. 

As if using the cheat sheets wasn’t embarrassing enough, Biden struggled to even get the words out of his mouth correctly. He stated that Climate Change is the gravest threat to humanity as if Nazism wasn’t as extraordinary or Genghis Khan or even Black Death was not as grave as the world had to bear. The climate crisis of 536-540, which resulted from a volcanic eruption in the East Indies causing global nuclear winter with mass famine and disease, was a far greater crisis that the world has to suffer so far. Still, that means nothing to Biden. 

Our President struggles to make sense of what he is trying to deliver and doesn’t shy away from making a fool out of himself. Addressing the United Nations intending to call it a good institution, the words that came out of his mouth were the United States. It’s about time the old President should quit at this point before he becomes a global laughing stock.