Biden Expected To ‘Shift Gears’ In Upcoming State Of The Union Address

Biden’s leadership in office thus far has left Democrats in a bind. The President’s failure to pass critical agenda segments and make good on his campaign promises is backfiring on left-wing candidates big time.

With Biden looking at so many net negative ratings across the board and in multiple states, many Democrats with approaching elections don’t want anything to do with him. Suddenly, Democrats find ways to be out of town when Biden comes around.

Meanwhile, many Democratic Governors are sensing that their unpopular mandates will result in not-so-positive political outcomes in November. It is why the nation is hearing about so many blue states rolling back certain restrictions.

Next month, Biden will deliver the 2022 State of the Union Address. With this address coming up, Democrats are looking to score some political points with the public, per PJ Media.

Multiple Democrats, with November elections approaching, are eager to do just about anything that allows them to remain in power. It is why Democrats want Biden to use his State of the Union Address as a period to announce forthcoming changes in the country.

Vulnerable Democrats want these changes to entail the rolling back of mandates, solutions for economic and crime-related issues, and healing divisions in the nation.

Of course, this isn’t about Democrats having a change of heart and realizing they went too far over the past couple of years. It’s about Democrats trying to save themselves from seeing Republicans take back the Senate and the House of Representatives. Democrats’ expectations for Biden’s State of the Union Address arrive as growing numbers of Americans make their disapproval of the President known in polls.

If Democrats count on Biden to make the necessary moves to prevent disaster for the party in November, they will likely be disappointed.

Biden is sticking by what he’s been doing. During an interview, the President declared that it’s likely “premature” of Democrats to be rolling back mask requirements and other mandates.

Moreover, Biden has shown that he cannot heal the economy or drive down crime rates. Therefore, for the President to suddenly get this all together and announce these solutions during his State of the Union Address is an unrealistic notion.

Democrats will have to wake up to the reality that they made a mess of America. In November, the left will have to live with the fallout from the mess they created.