Biden Draws Bipartisan Ire Over Document Scandal

The Biden Administration angered members of a key Senate committee after it was revealed that information regarding classified documents held by the president would be kept secret.

The closed-door briefing by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines included the revelation that the White House would withhold details about the found documents.

Members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence were furious. This anger crosses party lines.

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner (D) said that he was “very disappointed with the lack of detail and a timeline when we’re going to get a briefing.”

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton (R) echoed those sentiments on Twitter, writing that the White House could answer the committee’s questions, but chooses not to.

The report came after Joe Biden’s explanations for having classified documents at unsecured locations keep falling apart. Some were found in his garage, which the president’s son Hunter Biden has access to.

The bipartisan ire is even more focused as a result of the committee hearing. The Biden White House’s decision to block access for the committee members is egregious and a bad precedent.

The document scandal is growing by the day. Making matters worse for the White House is wavering among Democrats.

Many Democrats now believe that the 80-year-old president is jeopardizing his 2024 reelection prospects. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin (D) said that “it couldn’t get any worse.” Similar criticism was levied by Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly (D).

The emerging consensus among some Democrats appears to revolve around Biden’s apparent hypocrisy. In many ways, the sitting president did what the Biden White House accused former President Donald Trump of doing.

It is not inconceivable that the Biden document scandal could let Trump off the hook. Both presidents, past and present, are each under the eye of a special counsel.

The Biden scandal is one that the president seems to be making worse. The revelation of more documents and the stonewalling by the White House is just compounding the problem.