Biden Cuts Florida’s Access To COVID Antibodies Treatments In Personal Fight With DeSantis

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has been heavily focused on vaccine development, lockdowns, masking mandates, and social distancing. Whether the development of therapeutic medications has been neglected or not, it has undoubtedly been overshadowed in the eyes of the corporate media and policymakers.

One treatment that has received public attention is monoclonal antibody medication, such as REGEN-COV, which Regeneron manufactures. About half of REGEN-COV has been distributed to Florida, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi. The governments of these four states have publicized the efficacy of the medication and have made it widely available.

Now, as demand is rising for monoclonal antibody treatments, the federal government, under the control of the Biden administration, is imposing new limitations on the availability of the treatments.

As recently as September 9, President Biden promised to increase weekly shipments of REGEN-COV doses by 50 percent and provide it at no direct cost to states. The federal government has decided to make 150,000 of these treatments available each week. It now plans to allocate a specific number of doses to each state under its new approach to monoclonal treatments.

The per-state allocations are likely to cut the number of doses being shipped to the states using the treatments the most. The effect of the restrictions appears designed to create new tensions between the Biden administration and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Biden has been highly critical of DeSantis and other Republican-led states for resisting plans for federal vaccination mandates and interventions into local rulemaking on masking requirements. Biden said that if governors did not help him, he would use his “power as president to get them out of the way.”

It now appears evident that Biden is restricting Floridians’ access to highly effective medication that few other states are using simply as a punishment.

On September 13, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that they were taking control over all weekly monoclonal treatment distributions to the states. Florida immediately lost around 6,000 doses per day of REGEN-COV. There is no demonstrable need for “equitable” medication distribution to the states, as Regeneron has said that it can produce enough doses to cover demand nationwide.

The intentional shift of doses away from Florida is sure to result in unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths in Florida as the Biden administration takes another opportunity to make a point in its ongoing political war with Republicans around the country.