Biden Confirms Plans ‘To Run’ For A Second Term In 2024

Thursday marked the first year of Biden’s term as President. As so many Americans have pointed out, the first anniversary of the Biden Administration is nothing to write home about.

After one year of Biden’s leadership, there are viral images of empty shelves in different grocery stores making the rounds on social media. At the same time, the supply chain continues to be bogged down with various bottlenecks.

That’s not to mention inflation, a severe economic threat that nearly 70% of the country is worried about. During a Wednesday press conference, Biden told the media that he has “outperformed,” despite the various disasters stemming from his administration and the failures of his agenda.

As Twitchy covers, Biden likewise announced he’ll be running for a second term as President in 2024, with Vice President Kamala Harris staying on as his running mate.

Previously, the 46th President put conditions on seeking a second term, stating that he’d only run again if his health were in good standing. However, Biden confirmed that he would be running another Biden-Harris campaign during the next presidential election cycle.

Biden didn’t mention that he’s underwater in the polls with 33% approval nationwide. However, he stated that his vice president is now the point person for the various election takeover bills he’s supporting.

These are the identical bills that Democrats do not have the votes to pass through the Senate. Republicans have made clear they do not favor the radical takeover of political races that Democrats are trying to carry out and will use the filibuster accordingly.

Many Americans mocked Biden’s decision to make Harris the point person for his legislation. After all, in 2021, Harris was designated as the point person to clean up chaos on the southern border. Yet, the border remains in a state of disaster.

With three years left until Republicans have the chance to send Biden packing, much of the nation is wondering what precisely he plans to run on.

In 2020, Biden made ending COVID the centerpiece of his campaign. However, he’s failed on this front. Biden additionally ran on bringing unity back to the country, but he’s ironically been one of the most divisive presidents in this nation’s history.

In light of the news that Biden will try to go for a second term, the 2024 presidential election should be a slam dunk for the Republican Party.