Biden Cannot ‘Escape’ From Student Loan Debt Promises

In politics, it’s much easier for candidates seeking public office to make promises than to keep them upon getting elected into office.

At this time, there’s no better example of this than Joe Biden himself. When Biden ran for office, he made a string of commitments to his base. These commitments entailed ending student loan debt and making community college free.

Just earlier this month, first lady Jill Biden spoke at a higher education event and admitted that Democrats were dropping free community college from their roster. It appears as though Biden has also done the same regarding the student loan debt promises he made to his base.

Nevertheless, the President is now facing growing pressure from his supporters to follow through on the promises he made, as Fox News reports.

Self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders is one of the government’s leading proponents of mass freebies provided to everyone. Some folks refer to it as communism.

Nevertheless, during the Super Bowl over the weekend, Sanders used the time to call for Biden to make good on his promises about student loan debt relief.

According to the Vermont lawmaker, SoFi shouldn’t be allowed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to have its name plastered on a football stadium. At the same time, 45 million people in America face almost $2 trillion in student loan debt.

Sanders made this comment on Twitter and then followed it up with a call to action for Biden to “cancel” the student loans that folks owe to the government.

Other Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and others have made similar calls. Biden, meanwhile, hasn’t moved an inch.

As many Americans have pointed out in the past, Biden, even as President, does not have the reach to cancel the student loans people willingly took out from the government.

Only Congress could implement such a measure, despite Democrats like Schumer and Ocasio-Cortez claiming that Biden could end student loans via executive action.
As President, Biden has the power to delay mandatory student loan payments via moratoriums (which he’s implemented several times).

However, the President cannot just suddenly absolve Americans of their student loan debts, no matter what he promises on the campaign trail. Democrats waiting for Biden to wake up and make their student loans vanish will be waiting perpetually.