Biden Called Out For Being On ‘Wrong Side of History’ With Border

Appearing on Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda,” Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) asserted that the Biden administration is “on the wrong side of history” when it comes to the issue of the southern border.

Van Drew’s remarks came in response to comments made by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who questioned the whereabouts of Democrat lawmakers while leading a delegation of Republicans to the Texas border on Friday.

“They are changing the fabric of America by what they’re doing,” Van Drew said. “We know for a fact that there were at least over three million illegal crossings. We’re getting to the point [where] now it’s greater than the population of the state of Nevada. They’re trying to almost create another state or another culture in America.”

The New Jersey Republican, who is famous for having switched parties after being elected as a Democrat in 2019, pointed out that taxpayers are being forced to foot the bills for illegal immigrants, paying for legal aid, food, medical care and shelter.

Van Drew also noted that “some of them are on the terror watch list. Many of them are bringing in fentanyl. Many of them have COVID or all kinds of problems.”

The Republican congressman went on to say that he questions why any president “in his right mind” would allow illegal immigration to the point that President Joe Biden has, and wonders why congressional Democrats have not taken action on the issue, but added that he thinks that they are “out to destroy our country and diminish the United States of America.”

According to Van Drew, much of what is happening is because the law is not being enforced properly. As an example, he cited the recent case in Ohio where an illegal immigrant who has lived in the U.S. for several years has been charged with the rape of a 10-year-old girl. The case has drawn international attention after radical pro-abortion activists, including Biden and several Democrat lawmakers, ignored the rape aspect of the case and used the story as part of their crusade against red state abortion restrictions, as the girl ended up crossing state lines into Indiana for an abortion even though Ohio officials have claimed that her case would have qualified for an exemption due to a medical emergency.

“These are terrible times, and I say it because it’s worth saying over again, [Biden] is the worst president in history,” Van Drew noted, adding that the Democrat majority in Congress is the “worst majority in history.”

“They are doing more harm to this country than we could ever imagine in every single sector, and this is just one of them,” he continued. “It has to stop.”

He went on to claim that it would not be difficult to bring illegal immigration back under control again, pointing to several Trump-era policies as solutions to the current border crisis.

“Build the wall. Make the border strong,” Van Drew said. “Make sure that we have the Border Patrol in numbers out that we need… [They] just can’t keep shipping these people across the border. We’re going to destroy our country.”