Biden Breaks Another ‘Key Promise’ To His Base

With each passing day, Americans who voted for Joe Biden wake up to the cold reality that they were lied to, swindled, and otherwise taken to the cleaners. Then-candidate Biden put on a mask in 2020 and said whatever he thought was required to get him into the White House.

Then, Biden dropped the facade once he got in and immediately started mucking things up. He’s been a mess on immigration, foreign policy, the economy, and a plethora of other matters.

However, while Republicans and Independents have their issues with Biden, some folks on the left are getting a rude awakening. Biden made all sorts of promises to his base while running for office.

However, he’s not kept a single one of them. Education, for instance, was a point that Biden used to reach voters. The 46th President vowed that electing him into office would mean free community college.

However, as covered in a new report by Twitchy, First Lady Jill Biden has just confirmed that this core promise made by her husband to his supporters won’t be happening.

This week, Jill Biden informed the country that free community college no longer falls into the spending plan of the Democrat Party. According to the First Lady, she’s very “disappointed” by this development and understands its relationship to her husband’s base.

This revelation came during Biden’s time at a community college summit. While she confirmed her husband won’t be delivering free community college as he promised during the election, Biden did state Democrats will work to ensure students can make the necessary “progress.”

It certainly won’t bode well with the President amongst progressives. Already, progressives have made it clear they have a bone to pick with Biden over his lack of delivery on student loan debt forgiveness and climate change policies.

Before this announcement of no free community college, progressives were already talking about getting a candidate to primary Biden when he goes for re-election in 2024. Progressives will want to get Biden out now after learning yet another broken promise.
For years, at this point, Democrats have been talking about free community college, the free university, and even free housing. However, there are no free lunches.

It is something Republicans have been vocal about time and time again. Yet, Democrats and their voters don’t want to hear it.

Biden was never going to be able to deliver free community college, just like he was never going to cure cancer, make COVID vanish, or unify the nation as he promised.

Perhaps this newest announcement from the first lady will be the first step towards a wake-up call that leftists desperately need.