Biden Behind The Mask You Will See “The Real Joe”

According to the reports, Joe Biden was caught on camera calling Fox News’ Peter Doocy a “son of a b**ch” over a hot mic. Doocy had asked him about inflation, which had been a topic of discussion at Biden’s recent meeting. Despite polls demonstrating that this is one of the most pressing problems for Americans who are being crushed by growing prices, Biden refused to address the issue.

During an appearance with Fox News, Joe Biden used a swear term and attempted to denigrate the reporters who dared to challenge him. He assaulted a reporter for the second time last week, targeting Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich. He lacks the fundamental discernment to see that it will be picked up on the microphone and come back to bite him. Remember, this is the person who declared him the anti-Trump candidate.

“However, he assured me that if you ever work with him and he hears another colleague treat someone with contempt or talk down to someone, he will dismiss you on the spot,” he stated. Biden insulted a guy who dared to question him about Hunter Biden’s behavior by calling him “fat” and threatening to exclude him from the room. He went so far as to challenge the man to a push-up competition and brand him a liar.

Joe Biden made a series of incomprehensible statements regarding guns, demonstrating that he does not understand the law or firearms. “He’s not taking their gun away at all,” he added, referring to an AR-15 as an “AR-14.” He also stated they’re not permitted to own any firearm. When the man claimed it was “not right” for Biden to thrust his finger in his face, the man had to correct him.

Furthermore, Former President Donald Trump has been chastised by the liberal media for being “mean” to journalists, but how did they react to President Joe Biden’s attack on Fox News’ Peter Doocy? They were more in favor of Biden than Doocy. Folks like CNN’s Brian Stelter shared comments like this from a TV reviewer, while people like Glenn Thrush of The Washington Post backed it up on Twitter.

It merely goes to illustrate how hollow their criticism of Trump was. They wouldn’t have any standards if they didn’t have double standards. Oh, and by the way, they don’t. And they are perplexed as to why they have no credibility?