Biden And Trudeau Appear Poised For ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’

Tolerance with tyrannical leftist leaders is quickly running out.

For years now, the government has told people to stay home, wear masks, get vaccinated, get a booster shot, keep businesses closed, etc. The governments pushing these mandates have disregarded the adverse societal impacts of such measures.

However, the proper slap in the face comes as the same leaders who opt for these measures are consistently caught not following them. In and of itself, it shows that the people pushing all these mandates and guidelines don’t believe in them.

Today, some of the dead set on this course of action are Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Both leaders, therefore, have some authentic problems ahead, as Fox News confirms.

Right now in Canada, Trudeau has the nation under martial law.

It is due to the Prime Minister’s temper tantrum over truckers protesting against his vaccine mandates and other unproductive COVID rules. In addition to martial law, people connected to the trucker convoy protests are looking at having their bank accounts frozen, along with other steep penalties.

Biden has made it very clear this is something he’d do, had the GOP and others in America not stood up and fought back against him. Last year, Biden tried to pass a nationwide mandate to have Americans fired from their jobs if they decided against getting COVID vaccines.

Last month, the Supreme Court tossed out this ruling. However, Trudeau’s authoritarian rule in Canada is what the United States would look like under Biden. Was it not for conservatives, Republican-run states, and others who refused to roll over and take these mandates?

Leaders like Biden and Trudeau have no respect for freedoms or the liberties of the individual. However, they won’t hesitate to claim their mandates are for the greater good while working to crush anyone who disagrees or dissents.

Here in the United States, Biden is on fragile ice. He’s about to lose the congressional backup in Congress, seeing as Republicans are in a position to regain dominance in the House and the Senate. Biden’s re-election prospects aren’t excellent either, amid drastically low approval ratings.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Trudeau is facing growing pushback from conservative members of parliament. Some officials believe the prime minister has taken things too far with martial law. At the rate things are going in the Great White North, they may get uglier before they get better.

In the end, though, the Canadian Prime Minister will likely lose power as quickly as he rose to it.