Biden Administration Jeopardizes US National Security By Buying Chinese Surveillance Drones

According to Axios, drones from Da Jiang Innovations (DJI), a Shenzhen-based company whose gadgets require users to download proprietary DJI software and fly using remote-monitored mapping databases, were bought by the Secret Service on July 26. A few days earlier, the FBI’s scandal-plagued acquisition of 19 DJI drones. The procurement by the Secret Service came three days after the US Department of Defense warned that DJI gadgets pose serious national security risks.

Furthermore, the statement added that minimizing the risks presented by small aircraft systems, particularly DJI systems, continues to be a top focus for the Department of Defense. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a warning in 2017 that DJI was giving the Chinese government critical infrastructure and law enforcement data originating in the United States. Moreover, according to the investigation findings, the corporation is deliberately targeting government agencies and privately held businesses within these industries to increase its potential to acquire and exploit sensitive US information.

Concerns over DJI’s national security danger have caused the Interior Department to order the grounding of all non-emergency drones in 2019. According to the Department of Homeland Security, US authorities voiced worry that continuing use of Chinese-made equipment may jeopardize vital infrastructure and send information back to the Chinese government or hackers abroad for use in cyberattacks or other offenses. Moreover, DJI was also placed on the Commerce Department’s Entity List last year, which categorizes the Chinese drone maker as a national security risk and prohibits US-based businesses from transferring technology to the company.