Bernie Sanders Nervous For Democrats Ahead Of Midterms

As the midterm elections get closer, the list of strikes against the Democrat Party is only getting longer. For one thing, Democrats are led by a deeply unpopular president. This is so bad that some left-wing candidates don’t even want Joe Biden campaigning for them.

On top of Biden’s unpopularity, his policy failures are also a strike against the Democrat Party at large.

With each passing day, Americans can see how crime and the economy got worse under the current president. A similar story rings true with energy independence and confidence levels about the current direction of the nation.

Now, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is admitting he’s worried about how voter turnout levels will impact the Democrat Party.

A Sign of the Times For Democrats
While speaking with CNN on Sunday, Sanders admitted the Democrat Party could very well struggle with getting votes from younger folks and working-class Americans. Both of these demographics are ones Democrats rely upon.

According to the socialist senator, he believes the Democrat Party needs to highlight a so-called “pro-worker” agenda against what he claims is the GOP’s “corporate agenda.”

Sanders told CNN that Democrats need to get more in front of the economy pre-midterms and not let Republicans totally control the conversation. Though the reality is that Democrats don’t want to talk about the economy because such conversations would magnify their failures.

Finally, Sanders informed CNN that his concerns about younger and working-class people potentially not showing up for Democrats stems from what he’s heard about early voting in several states.

This isn’t Sanders’ first time calling for Democrats to try to control the narrative on the economy. In a recent op-ed, he sounded the alarm about Democrats solely relying upon abortion to win the midterm elections.

The Greater Implications of the Interview
Throughout Sanders’ interview with CNN, he repeatedly provided cover for Democrats and tried to make Republicans out to be the problem.

Today, the GOP doesn’t control the White House, the Senate, or the House of Representatives. While this is a huge reason why America is in such big trouble, polling shows that most people have more trust in Republicans than Democrats to handle the economy.

Both young people and the working class are waking up to the reality that Democrats don’t care about them. This is ultimately why Democrats are not projected to hold onto their House and Senate majorities.