Bank Of America Sold Out To Woke World Order

Amid the recent controversy surrounding the woke activities exercised by Bud Light and Target, this pair of companies targeted by conservative anger pale when compared to the actions of Bank of America (BOA).

Critics charge this Wall Street giant under CEO Brian Moynihan blatantly targets constitutional rights in its financial transactions. Further, it monitors purchases of private citizens, tracks emissions, funds abortions, and imposes woke metrics on scores of individuals and businesses.

According to Moynihan, banks should completely shut out anyone who disagrees with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs.

He made this startling statement at January’s World Economic Forum, a gathering place for the woke world order. Part of the Bank of America agenda marches in lockstep with the United Nations Net Zero Alliance effort.

This initiative crippled domestic energy production and forced U.S. citizens to pay higher energy costs while complying with ESG mandates.

BOA is currently constructing a system to monitor the emissions of businesses and individuals. Even further, it is moving investments away from “carbon-intensive livestock” — meaning cows — and into plant-based products billed as meat alternatives.

This is the same firm that imposed radical racial education on its employees, teaching them that the U.S. is based on “White supremacy.” It cited racism in those as young as three and urged its White employees to “cede power to people of color.”

BOA actively cut banking services, including loans, to particular firearms manufacturers in a brazen attack on Second Amendment rights. This is just one of several ways the financial firm is attempting to force its far-left agenda onto the populace.

Moynihan recently announced that the company will reimburse travel expenses for employees who must go out of state to get abortions. This followed last year’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Perhaps even more telling is the way BOA distributes its own investments. The company unashamedly funded billions into a Chinese securities firm and even invested in Communist Party-controlled financial institutions.

This is nothing more than opening the checkbook for America’s enemies.

Activists including Consumers’ Research are working to spread the truth about Bank of America. This powerful company hardly has the people’s interests at heart. Instead, it promotes a dangerous woke agenda that seeks centralized control and the ability to wipe out all dissent.