Atlantic Calls For ‘Pandemic Amnesty’ After Two Years Of Peddling Propaganda

Remember when people were demonized for the past two-plus years for the crime of suggesting that humans should be allowed to live freely and normally? Well, it is now time for you to forgive and forget, says The Atlantic in their new piece, “Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty.”

Emily Oster wrote in her article Monday last week that Americans need to “declare a pandemic amnesty. We can leave out the willful purveyors of actual misinformation while forgiving the hard calls that people had no choice but to make with imperfect knowledge.”

“We need to learn from our mistakes and then let them go,” she continued.

The author admitted that many concepts pushed by so-called public health “experts” in the name of ending the pandemic ultimately turned out highly ineffective. Examples include forced masking, school closures, and the Johnson and Johnson inoculation.

“But most errors were made by people who were working in earnest for the good of society,” Oster argued.

“Given the amount of uncertainty, almost every position was taken on every topic,” she insisted. “And on every topic, someone was eventually proved right, and someone else was proved wrong.”

The Western Journal commented on the piece, charging that such a plea for forgiveness coming from the Atlantic is pretty rich as they have, “relentlessly pushed the very things they now admit to being ineffective and demonized the very people they now admit were right,” for the past two years.

Popular online outlet Citizen Free Press took to social media to shame The Atlantic’s call for forgiveness, sharing previous headlines from the magazine demonizing those who refused to toe the line for draconian Covid-19 strategy.

“The Atlantic now: Truce, please?

The Atlantic then: ‘The anti-vaccine Right brought human sacrifice to America.’ — ‘Unvaccinated people need to bear the burden.’ — ‘Vaccine refusers don’t get to dictate terms anymore.’ — ‘Some Americans no longer believe in the Common Good.’” Citizen Free Press quipped.

Attacks on dissenting voices surrounding mainstream Covid-19 beliefs from the Atlantic were considered nasty by many. The magazine did not hold back on those who chose not to take the Covid-19 inoculations, calling for those people to be fired from their jobs and even advocating that they be banned from domestic air travel.

Many Americans are not buying the narrative pushing for a ‘pandemic honesty.’ Famous civil rights lawyer Harmeet K. Dhillon, for instance, made an appearance on the Ingraham Angle last week to argue that nefarious characters must be held accountable for what she argues were Constitutional violations.

“There can be no “amnesty” for those that destroyed years of our lives in the name of COVID,” Dhillon wrote online. “Our government must also be held accountable for its conspiracy with Big Tech to violate the First Amendment—even the ACLU agrees!”