As Ukraine Tensions Rise, Biden And Putin Set A Date For Video Conversation

As tensions between the US and Russia simmer over a Russian force deployment on the Ukraine border, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin held a video conversation. After receiving News from Moscow, White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the date on Saturday.

According to Kerry, Biden is anticipated to underscore US worries over Russian military actions along the Ukraine-Russia border. According to the Associated Press, Putin will attend the conference call with his fears, undermining Russia’s opposition to any attempt to admit Ukraine to NATO’s armed alliance. According to Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, “the presidents will decide” how long their meeting will last, though Putin has mentioned “red lines” if NATO troops are stationed nearby.

According to the News, as he left the White House for the weekend, Biden rejected Putin’s “red line” Ukraine statements. When questioned about Putin’s comments regarding the Ukraine issue made Tuesday in Moscow, Biden said, “I won’t accept anyone’s red line.”

“We’re putting together the most comprehensive and significant set of actions to make it extremely difficult for Mr. Putin to do what people fear he might do,” Biden said. He stated that the United States would take whatever precautions are necessary to protect critical infrastructure from such attacks. Furthermore, during their previous phone call in July, Biden pressed Putin to rein in Russian-based criminal hacking organizations.