As Geopolitical Warfare Rages, Biden ‘Retreats Into Hiding’

Vladimir Putin, the despotic President of Russia, is on an absolute, literal warpath. It is taken because the Russian President is doing long-lasting, international ramifications.

Right now, Putin has his sights set on taking over Ukraine. Towards the end of last week, the Russian President unleashed his army, missiles, and other attacks against Ukraine.

Putin expected Ukraine to fall quickly. However, the people of Ukraine are standing up, fighting back, and defying expectations.

It has enraged Russia’s despotic President, verbally attacking NATO, putting Russian nuclear powers on high alert, threatening western nations with war and destruction.

As all of this plays out, people would naturally expect the President of the United States to be on high alert and responding accordingly. However, Joe Biden is doing precisely the opposite, as confirmed by TheBlaze.

As the Russian President amps up his aggression against NATO, Ukraine, and the West in general, Biden is trying to avoid the public eye.

Over the weekend, the sitting President spent his time at his private home. As Putin ordered nuclear forces in his country to be on the ready, Biden spent his time holed up in Delaware with the media scrambling to make contact with him or his officials.

The sad reality is that it shows Biden hasn’t changed his ways at all. To this day, the 46th President hasn’t learned that this sort of weakness (where he’s hiding away as US enemies are making moves) is what gave nations like Russia, China, etc., the all-clear.

If Trump were in office right now, things would have never gotten this far. Trump wouldn’t have even allowed Putin to think about attacking Ukraine, let alone threatening the Western world with war.

In light of how Biden handled things with Afghanistan, Russia, and Ukraine, Americans should expect to see more geopolitical tensions manifest between now and 2024.

At this time, this President’s failure to get Putin back in line has created a significant possibility of Taiwan coming under attack from the Chinese government. Amid Putin’s attacks and threats, Biden has done absolutely nothing to show even an iota of strength.

It sends a clear message to enemies of the United States that we’re not to be taken all that seriously. Thanks to Biden, other US enemies, such as North Korea, rally around Russia and point fingers at the United States.