Arizona’s Katie Hobbs Is Terrified Of Kari Lake

In Arizona, Republican Kari Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs are both running to be the next governor of the state. For a while, the election looked like it could go either way. Though lately, Lake appears to be gaining momentum.

The Arizona Republican has made herself extremely visible to the state’s voters. Right now, she’s hosting an Ask Me Anything Tour where Arizonans are free to share their questions with her and receive honest, nuanced answers.

The same cannot be said for Katie Hobbs. As a matter of fact, Hobbs consistently refuses to debate Lake. The Arizona Democrat claims that Lake is too radical and she doesn’t want to be part of the “spectacle” that would come from a debate.

This reflects poorly on Hobbs, as does another recent stunt she pulled on the campaign trail.

Running Scared From Lake
During a town hall event, Lake and Hobbs shared remarks, although not at the same time. In fact, Hobbs’ fear of her GOP rival is so great that she’s not even willing to share the same stage as her.

After Lake’s part of the town hall concluded, she went into the audience to speak with various attendees. Apparently, Hobbs was in the audience as well and became infuriated with Lake for daring to be within the same proximity.

The end result of this led to Lake being removed from the premises. Reports from NBC News allege that just the mere sight of the Arizona Republican caused Hobbs to become upset.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident. During Hobbs’ engagement on the campaign trail in other settings, she’s been questioned about her refusal to debate Lake. On camera, Hobbs is seen repeatedly walking away or turning her head whenever asked about this.

A Clear Choice For Arizona
With Kari Lake, Arizonans have a candidate who is willing to put the best interests of the state first. The GOP candidate has also continuously said anyone who loves Arizona, regardless of party affiliation, is welcome to join her movement.

On the other hand, there’s Katie Hobbs, who repeatedly offers one excuse after the next when pressed to debate Lake. Political debates are traditional practices that candidates in nearly all elections partake in.

Debates let voters get an upfront look at both candidates and see how their policies measure up against one another. As such, some of Hobbs’ critics maintain that her refusal to debate Lake is disqualifying in and of itself.