Are We Sure The ‘Windsor Castle Attacker’ Wasn’t Thunberg?

A teen, aged 19, was “sectioned under the Mental Health Act, shortly after chilling footage emerged of a masked man threatening to kill the Queen, 95,” Ben Leo, Julia Atherley, Mike Sullivan, and Alice Fuller reported Monday at The Sun.

The picture of the suspect at the Sun shows a young man. However, the chilling footage is of a masked person. We can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman because they’re masked.

“The masked man is believed to be the 19-year-old held by armed police at Windsor Castle on Christmas Day,” the Sun notes.

However, are we all sure that it wasn’t Greta Thunberg?

I’m going to loudly and publicly express my dissatisfaction to the entire world, about the world, on a global, systemic level, and at all the olds who let it get this way without thinking of what they’re doing to the younger generation! How dare you!

It looks like it could be Greta on one of her dark days. She’s reading some Unabomber treatises and thinking, you know, obvi all the bombing stuff is terrible, but Ted gets it.

You know what? Fuggit, I’m just going to do it! I’m going to put on my black hoodie and mask and get my crossbow like that bad byatch in Hunger Games and make a video telling the Queen I’m going to get her!

Look at the selfie of the actual suspect.

What is that expression? Is that a smile? I’ve never seen that expression on any face in my life. That is how a guy takes a selfie who may go crazy one day and try to breach Windsor Castle armed with a crossbow.

His father told The Daily Mail, “Something’s gone wrong with our son, and we are trying to figure out what. We’ve not had a chance to speak to him but are trying to get him the help he needs. From our perspective, we are going through a difficult time. We are trying to resolve this issue, and it’s not easy.”

The Sun mentioned the suspect reportedly “grew up in a £500,000 semi-detached house located on a private estate.” So do you think he gets a lighter sentence for this because he’s rich? It seems like that’s the way the system works. Or does he get a harsher one because he’s rich? Like, dude, you grew up in a half-million-pound house on a private estate, and that still wasn’t enough for you not to do this shit?

With the resource-straining rise of mental illness happening, curiously enough since 2020, I wonder if we were living in a different timeline, where COVID hysteria, and mask craziness, and lockdowns didn’t happen whether this kid would have still done this or not.

Is he one of the edge cases, a member of a vulnerable population of a different kind than those vulnerable to an infectious germ disease? Was this kind not considered coronavirus hysteria hogged up all our consciousness and stirred us to overreact with such intensity for such a sustained period?

Was he trying to say, “I should be in school!”?