Anti-Trumper Crashes Car Into Pro-Trump Store

A wild crash caught on video shows a car featuring a bumper sticker critical of former President Donald Trump plowing through the window of a pro-Trump store in Massacusetts. The driver, a state resident, gave an interesting explanation for his violent act.

In apparently another case of left-wing domestic terrorism, the New England For Trump store suffered tens of thousands of dollars in damages. An employee standing within feet of where the Volkswagen Jetta rammed through the storefront thankfully was uninjured.

Witnesses say a mother and son were shopping at that spot just before the car crashed through the storefront window.

The German vehicle featured a sticker showing Trump’s face with a barcode on his upper lip designed to look like Adolf Hitler’s mustache. The sticker contained a Voltaire quote and had an anarchy emblem to the left and a slasher movie image to the right.

There’s no immediate indications that hate crime charges and a federal investigation will ensue.

A store camera recorded the scary incident, which showed the car ramming through racks of Trump-inspired clothing. Police later posted the video on social media.

The driver, 46-year-old Sean Flaherty of Raynham, allegedly told employees at the business that “the voices in his head” told him to crash his car into the building. No word if he was referring to a left-wing newscast.

Flaherty was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police say they contacted the state’s Motor Vehicle Division and asked for Flaherty’s license to be revoked.

Store owner Keith Lambert said that the important result is that everyone is safe. In far-left Massachusetts, the businessman opened five pro-Trump stores after a fruitless search for a red MAGA hat in 2019.

His stores feature everything from banners and keychains to playing cards and framed photographs of the former president. After being thankful for the safety of his employees and customers, Lambert denounced political violence of any kind.

This after his store had been the target of sporadic protestors and drive-by shouting. Will the mainstream media blame “toxic, left-wing rhetoric” for causing the shocking rash of violent acts against conservatives in recent weeks? Don’t hold your breath.