Another COVID Mandate ‘Bites The Dust’

2022 has not been an excellent year for COVID mandates. They’re sinking just about as rapidly as the Titanic did, and in the eyes of many Americans, it’s about time.

In January, the Supreme Court decided against Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate, which he imposed on large corporations across the country. The Supreme Court ruled that this mandate was too expansive and declared that OSHA doesn’t have the power to dictate health policies.

In Texas, a federal judge also overturned Biden’s vaccine order for federal employees within the last week. Granted, the Biden Administration is saying this mandate is fair and legal; however, they said about the OSHA vaccine mandate.

RedState reports that the latest COVID mandate to fall is a statewide mask mandate other than deep-blue New York.

The New York Supreme Court determined that Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul overstepped her bounds in implementing a statewide mask mandate for schools.

Judge Rademaker, in his verdict, declared that only the New York state legislature has the authority to implement the mandate that Governor Hochul tried to force through unilaterally.

Likewise, the Supreme Court judge made it clear that if Hochul wishes to see her mask mandate put back in place, she needs to take it up with the state legislature.

The news of this decision was welcomed by many Americans, both in and out of the Empire State. People are starting to get to a point where they’ve had it with COVID mandates in general, whether it deals with masks or vaccines.

Contrary to pro-mandate narratives, it’s not just the political right that has an issue with these mandates. Earlier this month, liberal talk show host Bill Maher pointed out the insanity of all these mandates still going on.

This past weekend, tens of thousands of Americans of all political stripes came together to say enough with the constant demands and government limitations.

To say that Governor Hochul was not happy with the New York Supreme Court judge striking down her mask mandate for children would be an understatement.

Hochul hence declared that as Governor, she must put through measures like mask mandates that she claimed: “save lives.” The Democrat governor later vowed to seek an appeal to have Judge Rademaker’s ruling against her edict tossed.