Another Community ‘Learns’ A Hard Lesson On ‘Defunding’ The Police

Over the past few years, a series of Democrat-run communities determined that defunding law enforcement was somehow a good idea. They caved into Antifa and other far-left agitators who demanded the leaders of their communities to roll back funding for police departments.

Of course, conservatives across the United States warned this was a bad idea. Unlike the radical left, patriots had the foresight to know that defunding the police is a beacon for lawlessness and anarchy.

Sadly, Democrat-run communities didn’t listen to warnings for Republicans. Now, these cities are paying the price. Massive personal and property crimes are up. People are less safe and more susceptible to victimization.

In light of this, Montgomery County, Maryland, is now walking back to its previous decision to defund law enforcement, as covered by the Washington Free Beacon.

In 2021, schools in Montgomery County determined that police programs for their institutions weren’t necessary. After various arrests of African-American students, Montgomery Public Schools also took it upon themselves to defund the School Resource Officer program.

Like other communities that gave proverbial slaps in the face to law enforcement, this hasn’t worked out so well. Since defunding school police programs, this country in Maryland has been confronted with a school shooting and other events causing public safety worries.

In light of this change, Montgomery Public Schools is asking for the ongoing presence of law enforcement within their facilities. The county likewise made a point of announcing that a “command structure” is a critical resource necessary to tackle problems.

The change in attitude being had by Montgomery County is just one of many examples of what conservatives warned about. The reality is that it’s straightforward for Democrats to badmouth police officers when they want to grandstand and score political points.

However, when these far-left, anti-police, pro-crime policies are implemented, everyone is in danger. Law enforcement is a necessary means to a safe society. When criminals know the leaders of their communities have yanked away funding from law enforcement, it puts a target on everyone’s backs.

At this time, Maryland’s Montgomery County Schools appear to have learned their lesson. However, it’s unfortunate that a school shooting and other troublesome circumstances had to occur before county leaders woke up.

American society as a whole must reject this upside-down notion of defunding law enforcement. If not, more innocent lives will be needlessly taken.