Another Biden Aide Is Leaving The White House

Since Joe Biden got into office, there’s been no shortage of issues within his administration. Even without so many destructive policies, turnover rates and Biden’s initial hiding out from the media captured attention nationwide.

Many staffers have left the Biden administration within relatively short time periods. For a while, there were reports of dysfunction in the administration, with some of the senior staffers allegedly being harsh to those working under them.

Months ago, many Americans also witnessed a White House staffer dressed as the Easter Bunny and ushering the president away from a pack of reporters.

With much speculation about what all is happening in the Biden administration today, it’s been confirmed that yet another aide is now leaving.

The Latest to Exit the White House
Stephen Goepfert has been with Biden since the 2020 presidential election began. His role involved giving the president notes, getting him ready for speeches, and otherwise assisting Biden.

However, Goepfert’s last day with the president will be this Friday, August 26. In a public statement, Biden described his departing aide as loyal, reliable, and someone who will be missed.

The outgoing presidential aide will be transitioning to work in the Department of Transportation. Although there haven’t been any announcements about exactly what Goepfert’s work responsibilities will entail.

It’s also not been made clear what prompted him to leave his job as Biden’s personal aide. Other aides for the White House have nevertheless released warm statements and wished Goephert well in his transition.

The Next Step For the Biden Administration
Once Goephert leaves for the Transportation Department later this week, his shoes will be filled by current White House receptionist Jacob Spreyer. Spreyer has previously assisted Biden as a bodyman during the latter’s trip to Delaware in June.

The news of another aide leaving the White House comes amid heaps of already negative press. Critics continue to hammer Biden over inflation, another $3 billion set to go to Ukraine, and the southern border.

As all this plays out, the president remains saddled with unfavorable approval ratings just months before the midterms. Things have gotten so bad for the Biden administration that even certain Democratic candidates are running ads against the White House.