An Armed Man Has Been Arrested Outside of Capitol Hill

There’s a lot happening on Capitol Hill these days. Right now, lawmakers are debating a series of policies pertaining to new spending, COVID, gun control, Big Tech, and other pressing issues.

As policymaking and other similar affairs occur at the Capitol, social unrest is spreading throughout the United States as well.

Many people are not pleased with the direction of the United States; this is especially true for individuals whose lives have gotten personally more difficult under the current administration.

However, different Americans have various ways of expressing their concerns, views and frustrations. One man from Michigan, for instance, has been taken into custody after appearing on Capitol Hill with weapons.

What to Know About Friday Morning’s Arrest at the US Capitol
Jerome Felipe, 53, was taken into custody on Friday, June 3, after showing up on Capitol Hill with ammunition, body armor, a phony ID badge and a BB gun.

Felipe is not only a Michigan resident, but he also previously worked as a police officer. The 53-year-old was arrested after he gave law enforcement the go-ahead to probe his vehicle.

However, Felipe was less than forthcoming with police. When law enforcement pressed him on his presence at the Capitol, the retired police officer claimed to be with the INTERPOL department as a criminal investigator.

At this time, the motivations of Felipe’s actions remain unknown. It’s also not clear if he was acting alone or if this was part of something larger he was planning to pull off with others.

Nevertheless, the Michigan man is now facing Unregistered Ammunition and Unlawful Possession of High Capacity Magazine charges.

More Evidence of a Nationwide Mental Health Crisis
Amid multiple mass shootings and other acts of civilian violence, many Americans have been warning that the country faces a mental health problem.

Felipe’s behavior on Friday morning appears to play into this as well. To this day, it remains unclear why a former police officer with knowledge of the law would do what he did.

Law enforcement is believed to be digging through his social media pages for more answers; although, at this time, the whole thing remains a mystery.

Across America, people have warned that if the current mental health crisis isn’t addressed and fixed, there will be more occurrences of dangerous, bizarre behavior.