Amid Ongoing Migrant Influx, Border Patrol Apprehends Previously Deported Criminals

With more and more migrants crossing into the country through the southern border, many criminals were also reported to have been arrested. Some of these criminals were previously convicted felons who were deported before but have now re-entered the country, causing border patrol to make arrests.

With a migrant influx along the southern borders, residents of the surrounding counties have repeatedly urged the government to restrict the entry of these migrants into the city and also pay for the damages caused to their properties by the illegal migrants crossing into the country through the farmer’s lands, harming and also stealing from the residents. A Mexican migrant was convicted of homicide and several other crimes previously, for which he served his time in jail and was deported in 2005. He was apprehended again in 2016 for entering the country as a deported alien and was sent back after serving his sentence. He has made yet another illegal entry into the country and is most likely to face charges again. Similarly, a group of six individuals was caught while illegally crossing the border. One of those individuals was Jose Ramos Lopez, who was convicted for sexual assault in 2007. He served half his sentence and was then deported. With his recent attempt to illegally cross the border, he will be facing charges for re-entering as a deported alien with the enhancement of previous charges.

With thousands of illegal migrants being encountered since the start of the current fiscal year, 314 criminal aliens have been apprehended so far by the Yuma sector border patrol. The numbers reported portraying the grim situation of the state’s security, with rising public security issues and criminal activities. Perhaps if Biden would look beyond opening up the southern borders that too at the time of pandemic when the nation is facing a public health emergency and economic crisis, the residents surrounding the Southern border can be protected.