America’s Top Teachers Union is Monitoring Its Detractors

The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest teachers union in the United States. However, there are now growing conversations about whether this union truly has the best interests of students at heart.

This top union, along with its smaller counterparts, created controversy when it supported the very lockdowns and school closures that contributed to many kids being behind today in regards to their education and overall development.

Conservatives especially have criticized teachers’ unions for opposing school choice policies that would empower parents and students alike. Also, the NEA recently faced backlash for advocating the use of “birthing parent” to replace “mother.”

This has now been compounded by revelations of the top teachers union sinking considerable funds into opposition research.

Keeping Tabs on Critics?
Growing numbers of parents across the nation have confirmed they won’t stand for left-wing agendas being forced on their kids in the name of education. NEA isn’t happy about this and is responding by crafting a list of its enemies.

During a recent assembly, the top teachers union agreed to put roughly $140,000 into researching the leading 25 organizations in America that oppose woke, left-wing education agendas.

Of course, the NEA is framing this measure as an investigation into groups that are “diminishing” kids’ abilities to get education in ways that are “honest” and aligned with “freedom of sexual identity.”

In doing this opposition research, the NEA will gather lists of fundraisers, leaders, and other elements the union believes are standing against their version of appropriate children’s education.

Pushback From Parental Rights Groups
The NEA, with its advocacy, choices, and rhetoric, is quickly making an enemy of concerned parents across the nation. This new enemies list certainly isn’t doing the union any favors.

During a conversation with Fox News, one member of Parents Defending Education said the NEA is unpopular with most Americans. This member also confirmed that parents aren’t going to be bullied or intimidated by the actions of the NEA.

Former NEA member Jeralee Smith likewise warned the NEA of today is striving to change the definition of human existence and has no patience whatsoever for any sort of dissent.

Finally, Smith also cautioned that famous communists and Marxists of the past would be proud of the present-day NEA.