Americans Who Identify As Liberal Are Rapidly Shrinking

The number of U.S. residents who identify themselves as “liberal” is dwindling rapidly, according to an extensive survey of millions of U.S. voters.

A new Morning Consult poll shows over the last five years, Americans who say they are “very liberal,” “liberal,” or “somewhat liberal” have fallen from 34% to 27%.

The extensive polling data covers five years beginning in 2017 and over 8.6 million U.S. voters. A clear trend that is picked up by the numbers is the left wing is losing hearts and minds among the U.S. electorate. That, however, does not necessarily translate into a swelling of conservative ranks.

Instead, Morning Consult found that the shift from the leftward wing of the Democratic Party has moved towards the middle. Conservatism is still the most prevalent ideology in U.S. politics, but many voters have moved either into the moderate category or are uncertain about their alignment.

The abandonment of the left wing is both significant and widespread. Voters without a college degree are a shrinking though still large part of the Democratic base, and they have moved further from the left than those with more education.

Also, U.S. minorities cannot be counted on to fill Democratic ranks as they once did. Black and Hispanic voters with lower educations are sliding away from the left faster than White voters with similar educations. However, even college educated minorities are now less likely to identify as liberal.

The largest decline among those who identify as liberal by age group is young people — ages 18 to 34. There have been smaller shifts as the demographics get older, and again, Black and Hispanic voters moved further from the ideological left than their White counterparts.

As Republican pollster Patrick Ruffini noted, Hispanic voters are not shifting away from their ideological dispositions, but rather towards them. Now, he said, “they’re just aligning with their vote choice.”

Interestingly, both sides of the political spectrum feel the other party has gone to extremes. The survey showed 45% believe the Democratic Party is “too liberal” and 42% say the Republican Party is “too conservative.”

Either way, one thing is clear. The radical progressives who want to drive the Democratic wagon are steering them off a cliff. Fewer and fewer Americans agree with the leftist agenda, even as the radicals double down and fight their never-ending culture wars.