Americans Voting With Their Feet as They Leave Liberal Cities Behind

America’s biggest cities saw people flee in droves during the coronavirus pandemic as new remote work possibilities enabled their escapes to greener pastures. These liberal Democratic havens continue bleeding residents who have opportunities to relocate elsewhere.

Newly released U.S. census data shows eight of the 10 largest cities experienced an exodus from July 2020 to July 2021. The country’s most populated led the shrinkage as over 305,000 New York residents waved goodbye.

The outflow continued from Los Angeles, number two in population, as roughly 1% of its population moved on. Number three Chicago saw nearly 1.6% of residents vote with their feet, continuing the trend of fleeing progessive Democratic strongholds.

Uber-progressive San Francisco, not in the top 10 but the second most densely packed city in the U.S. after New York City, saw a staggering 6.5% of its inhabitants bolt for the exits.

Paired with Chicago, another leftist utopia, the two now have populations close to their 2010 levels. And the only two top tens to increase are Sun Belt havens San Antonio and Phoenix, and even they only added less than 1% to their rolls.

Some demographers see the trend as short-lived and directly related to the pandemic. Indeed, the recent history of the U.S. is one of urbanization, and the trend has continued nearly unabated since city residents outnumbered others for the first time in 1920.

However, urban apologists must admit that the trend of moving away from the largest metro areas started several years ago. It was, of course, accelerated by the pandemic and its new possibilities of working away from the office, and thus away from big cities.

No surprise that the mass movement from the largest cities resulted in population gains for warmer locations with plenty of jobs to offer. The top nine gainers were all in Texas, Arizona, and Florida – and number 10 was Spring Hill, Tennessee.

This is an inescapable and irrefutable fact: people vote with their feet. For every radical shrieking about the horrors of American life, it seems half the planet wants to relocate here. In the cases of these liberal Democratic strongholds, there are not enough moving vans to clear people out.