American Express Slashes MyPillow’s Credit Line By 90%

Mike Lindell, a staunch supporter and defender of former President Donald Trump, has been subjected to many politically motivated attacks over the years because of his beliefs. Just recently, American Express slashed Lindell’s company, MyPillow, credit line by 90%, despite the two companies having had a 15-year partnership.

Lindell shared the development in an interview with Steve Bannon, where he discussed the broader implications that American Express’s actions could have on his business and the conservative movement, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

“Steve, we really need everybody’s help right now,” Lindell said, adding that American Express slashed MyPillow’s credit line from $1 million -$100,000 without offering any explanation or warning.

“American Express -I wasn’t going to say this- we’ve been with them for 15 years, and we do all of our online marketing and all our shipping with them. Out of the blue, they took our credit line from a million dollars down to $100,000. Just crippled my pillow. No reason, no explanation. Just dropped it down last Tuesday,” Lindell added.

Steve Bannon rightfully suggested that the financial corporation’s move was a politically motivated attack aimed at conservatives across the U.S. He cited the fact that former President Donald Trump is leading in the polls against President Joe Biden, and, because of this, American Express is not happy.

“Let me be blunt, here’s why it is, because Trump’s up ten points, and now the majority of the American people understand the 2020 election was stolen,” said Bannon. “That’s why American Express, they’re trying to debank you.”

Lindell later emphasized that the attack against his company was part of a broader effort by big companies to interfere in American elections by going after individuals who want to ensure free and fair elections.

Lindell has been at the forefront of election integrity. In August 2023, he debuted a plan to secure our elections, which involves the use of a wireless device that monitors polling places to ensure that no fraud takes place, according to Newsweek.

“This is all about everybody. We’re right over target with the plan to secure our elections,” Lindell said. “We are securing them and they have to try and stop it right now. And they know that. That’s why this attack Steve, they turned the attack up on MyPillow this last month and a half, probably as high as it’s ever been since all the retailers canceled us.”

“And everybody, we’re all praying that we get through this because we have to. We have to secure our elections to get our great real president back in,” he added.