American Confidence in Elections and Presidency Sinking

The confidence Americans have in the country’s basic democratic institutions has suffered greatly since the 2020 election and the beginning of the Biden administration, new national polls indicate.

A CNN poll released on Thursday shows that voter confidence in the electoral system nationwide has significantly declined since the beginning of 2021.

The poll shows that in January 2021, 59% of U.S. voters expressed at least some confidence that American elections reflected the will of the people. That number has now slipped all the way to 42%.

Among independent voters, that number fell from 54% to 38%.

The number of respondents who said they were “very confident” of the legitimacy of election results fell from 36% in January 2021 to 16% now.

When asked if they felt it is “somewhat likely” that elected politicians will be successful in overturning legitimate election results to favor their party, 48% agreed.

A Gallup poll released earlier this month shows that confidence in the three branches of the federal government has dwindled significantly in recent years.

It found that only 27% of Americans expressed either a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in a group of 14 major institutions. That is three points lower than the last record low reported in 2014.

The poll found that 11 institutions suffered a “significant decline” in confidence. The presidency and the Supreme Court suffered the most in that regard. Since June 2021, confidence in the presidency has tumbled by 15 percentage points and in the court by 11.

Confidence in Congress continues to fall further into the basement. While last year only 12% said they had either a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress, this year that tumbled to 7%.

Among other notable results, Republicans’ confidence in the military fell from 81% to 71% and in police from 78% to 67%. The confidence in the presidency among independent voters fell from 31% to 18% over the last year. Confidence among Democrats in the Supreme Court fell from 31% to 13%.

The only American institutions that received positive ratings from Republicans, Democrats, and independents collectively were small businesses and the military.