‘Accountability Time’ Arrives For The US Pentagon

This year alone, Americans have scored some major wins regarding the COVID vaccine mandates Biden tried to impose upon the nation.

Last year, Biden moved to slap big businesses across the country with crushing fines unless they mandated their workers to get vaccinated against coronavirus or receive COVID tests weekly.

Republicans, religious groups, and business groups sued Biden to the Supreme Court. Eventually, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the country, thus striking down the mandate and blocking tyranny.

However, the fight isn’t over yet. Right now, the Pentagon and the Biden Administration are in the middle of strong-arming members of the United States Armed Forces to either take COVID vaccines or be discharged from military service.

Currently, the Pentagon is working to stall probes into this mandate, as the Washington Free Beacon reports.

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson has been hard at work for months to get to the bottom of the COVID vaccine mandate impacting military service members. To make this happen, Johnson is moving to have the Defense Department share the pertinent, relevant details.

The Pentagon doesn’t want lawmakers, least of all Republican ones, to be able to get a transparent look at all this. It explains why the Pentagon has twice reneged on its commitment to hand over the applicable documentation.

Sen. Johnson has been clear that the Pentagon can’t expect to toss out countless unvaccinated servicemembers and still expect military readiness to stand effectively. The Republican lawmaker furthermore points out that compliance with congressional oversight is the least the Pentagon owes to folks serving in the military.

Despite the demise endured by several of Biden’s vaccine mandates, the one impacting the US military is still very much a problem. There have already been legal challenges mounted against the COVID vaccine mandate for the military. However, this is still playing out in the courts.

If the US Pentagon proceeds with its current course of denying lawmakers access to information regarding the mandate, then another legal battle to obtain this information will likely ensue.

Many lawmakers and Americans do not believe the COVID vaccine mandate impacting the military is legal. Republicans also remain confident that, in the end, this mandate will reach the same fate as Biden’s other edicts rejected by the courts.

In the meantime, let’s hope there aren’t too many service members who become casualties of the mandate before it ends.