Abuse Victim Knocks Out Pedophile In Court After Light Sentencing

Tylor Fu spent almost his entire childhood being sexually abused by a family friend and like many young men in similar situations, Fu simply tried to ignore the lasting agony of the experience. Buoyed by recent news stories demonstrating that the justice system punishes abusers, Fu filed civil charges against Richard Gross in 2021, accusing the now 80-year-old of molesting him between the ages of eight and 15.

Gross was accused of 26 felony counts on October 2 but will not face any jail time for his crimes. Rather than face trial, Gross pleaded guilty to a single count of lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. Judge Tierra Jones decided to issue Gross with a suspended sentence of 60-180 months which only added to the anger and pain Fu had already experienced.

Gross did not offer any apology for his actions and did not address his victim in court. But, after the sentence was read, Fu is accused of doing something that many abuse victims would want to do. Fu allegedly punched Gross in the face, breaking the man’s glasses and knocking him unconscious. Fu is now facing battery charges, though it is not yet clear whether prosecutors will pick up the case.

The Clark County, Nevada court has so far refused to release video of the incident, instead providing a heavily redacted version that does not include audio or video of the punch. It is not clear what justification the court is making for refusing to produce the video.

Gross told the court in advance of his light sentence that he would follow all of the requirements the court issued, but has failed to register as a sex offender, potentially violating his suspended sentence. Nevada law requires that offenders register within 48 hours of conviction, but Gross does not appear on the registry at the time of this writing.

Fu explained his actions after the incident, saying that he was in disbelief that his abuser would not be punished and instead would be allowed to be free. Anger over his abuse and the light sentence motivated Fu to strike Gross in court even though he would face a charge himself as a result.

Fu has asked the court for leniency in his assault case and has apologized for his actions, stating that he was wrong to have taken justice into his own fists. Fu was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery in court. Gross, who was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after being knocked unconscious, has filed a civil lawsuit for battery against his former victim.