A Virginia Teacher Has Been Fired Over Pronoun Usage

A significant part of the woke left’s agenda involves policing the use of pronouns. To be exact, leftists have insisted that anyone can select their pronouns and the people around them must fall in line accordingly.

Democrats have even gone as far as saying refusing to refer to a lone individual as “they/them” is hateful if that person requests those pronouns. Other pronouns that have emerged as of late include “ze/zir” and more.

Naturally, there are many people who don’t feel comfortable with being forced to refer to someone else’s made-up pronouns. Unfortunately, this has all spiraled so far out of control that certain folks are facing punishment for not using someone’s “correct” pronouns.

This happened to Virginia high school teacher Peter Vlaming, who lost his job after not using the desired pronouns of a transgender child.

What to Know About Vlaming’s Firing
After the high school teacher made it clear he wasn’t OK with referring to a transgender student’s chosen pronouns, West Point High School fired him in 2018.

Vlaming’s objection to using the selected pronouns was rooted in religious reasons; however, this still didn’t make any difference to the school.

However, the now-former teacher didn’t take this lying down. He’s brought a lawsuit against West Point High School which has now worked its way up to the Virginia Supreme Court.


As Vlaming goes through litigation, he’s got the backing of Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares (R). Miyares submitted a brief that affirms the religious rights of every Virginia resident.

It is on the basis of the First Amendment that the former teacher is suing West Point High School. With the support of the Virginia attorney general, Vlaming asserts his right to reject a mandate that forces him to speak against his religious beliefs.

Facts Over Feelings
The ongoing litigation between Peter Vlaming and West Point High School is not going to be solved overnight. However, it does shine a light on a larger issue at hand.

By default, people’s correct pronouns are in accordance with their biological gender. If individuals choose to refer to themselves as “ze/zir” or other similar pronouns, they cannot reasonably demand others to do the same.


The lawsuit carried out in Virginia comes as America faces a culture war involving free speech vs. censorship. The idea that people should either be forced into certain speech or restricted from speech altogether goes hand-in-hand with pro-censorship ideology.