A New York Times Writer Has Just Shocked Everyone

The New York Times is known for being a publication with left-leaning inclinations, at best. The Times is far from an unbiased news source and has joined the likes of CNN and other outlets in smearing Republicans and conservatives.

Back in 2020, the New York Times even put out an article in favor of Americans “double-masking” or wearing two face coverings, rather than one.

While there are many other examples to cite of the network’s outright biases, one of their writers has just thrown everyone for a loop.

According to Twitchy, New York Times writer David Leonhardt is now conceding that mask mandates aren’t all they’ve been cracked up to be.

What to Know About Leonhardt’s Take on Mask Mandates

In a series of tweets, Leonhardt greatly veered from the political left’s supportive stance on mask mandates.

According to the Times writer, mask mandates have come with benefits that are low and burdens that are high. Leonhardt noted the fatigue and polarization caused by mask mandates before suggesting a different approach to how Americans should approach masking.

He went on to concede that the value of masks has diminished since 2020 and 2021. Leonhardt then pointed out in light of how many Americans have either caught COVID or one of its variants, this doesn’t provide them with any incentives to mask.

Finally, the New York Times writer said that people who want to mask by themselves can do so, and even help prevent the spread of COVID, assuming they use KN95 or N95 masks, rather than typical cloth ones worn by the average person.

A Shift Away From Mask Mandates

David Leonhardt’s points on mask mandates come as the United States is collectively moving away from these requirements. Of course, the removal of mask mandates doesn’t mean that anyone who wants to mask up on their own can’t do so.

At this time, the White House is working on an appeal to bring back mask mandates on airplanes and public transit; however, the CEO of United Airlines already stated days ago that he doesn’t believe this mandate is going to return.

Masks are no longer required on airlines, in airports, with Lyft, Uber, Amtrak, etc. People across all different sectors in this country are ready to move on without masks.

It’s probably safe to assume that there will always be some folks who feel more comfortable with face masks on; however, this doesn’t mean that everyone else also needs to be mandated to mask up.