A New Day Has Arrived In Virginia

Last year, Virginia gave hope to the conservative movement when the commonwealth elected Republican Glenn Youngkin to be their 74th Governor.

Youngkin ran a grassroots, hard-fought campaign. While his Democrat opponent, Terry McAuliffe, talked down to parents and smeared Youngkin with fake news ads, the Republican traveled across the commonwealth and spoke to voters.

Youngkin’s ability to center his campaign on what mattered to residents of Virginia is why he won a state that went to Joe Biden in 2020 and has been blue for over a decade.

Furthermore, Youngkin’s win in Virginia is now regarded mainly as a model that other conservative candidates should follow to win future elections.

On Saturday, conservatives nationwide were thrilled as Glenn Youngkin received his official swearing-in as the Governor of Virginia, per Breitbart News.

Governor Youngkin was sworn into office on Saturday. Alongside the Republican Governor’s inauguration came the swearing-in ceremonies of Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears and Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares.

In his speech at the Virginia State Capitol, Governor Youngkin spoke with conviction and strength. The GOP governor noted that he would uphold law enforcement, education without political agendas, pro-capitalist economic policies, and more.

Youngkin also talked about how he will bring about jobs and businesses to the commonwealth of Virginia.

After noting the struggles that Virginia’s had in this arena for quite some time, Youngkin explained under his leadership, the commonwealth shall reap 10,000 new startups, 400,000 brand new jobs, and a surge of people getting back to work.

During his address at the Virginia State Capitol, Youngkin even extended an olive branch to Virginia Democrats who voted against him in November 2021. The 74th Governor committed to serving all Virginians, even those who voted for his opponent.

The Virginia gubernatorial race in 2021 was hailed as a bellwether for this year’s midterms. It explains why Democrats pulled out all the stops and big names to campaign on behalf of Terry McAuliffe.

With Virginia now being officially a red state, Republicans hope to see even more victories occur over this year. Multiple states across the nation have Governor’s races coming up.

These governors’ races come in addition to the congressional midterms. All in all, every single election, be it at the state level or federal level, will significantly impact what direction the United States finds itself going in.

For the sake of the republic, a red wave is a necessity.