A Hunter Biden Indictment Could Be The First Domino

When news of Hunter Biden’s laptop first became public, the mainstream media immediately worked to do damage control. Any mention of the laptop and its content was written off as “misinformation.”

This coincidentally all played out around the same time that Joe Biden was running for president in 2020.

Since then, it’s become very much apparent that Hunter’s laptop was real, not just a baseless conspiracy theory as previously claimed. Furthermore, content from the laptop implicates Hunter, his father, and others in a series of crimes.

Joe Biden, on multiple occasions, claimed to have never talked with his son about the latter’s business deals. Emails and telephone records tell a different story, nonetheless.

Today, Hunter remains under federal investigation for various crimes, including tax evasion, money laundering, and human trafficking. If the first son goes down, though, his father may not be too far behind.

Down With the Biden Family?
As federal authorities proceed with their investigation into Hunter, former NYC police commissioner Bernie Kerik is weighing in on the situation.

According to Kerik, Hunter should face several different indictments. However, if federal authorities go down this route, then the president and his brother, James Biden, would have to be indicted as well.

Emails, phone records, and other content from Hunter’s laptops indicate that his father and uncle were deeply involved in his overseas business deals. Hunter repeatedly promised foreign officials that he’d be able to pull certain strings because of his father’s status as the then-vice president.

More information from Hunter’s laptop shows his uncle James acted as the family’s “fixer,” while Joe Biden actually met and spoke with several of Hunter’s business associates.

Lawyer Ken Belkin also joined Kerirk in saying Hunter’s father and uncle cannot escape accountability for their role in various crimes.

Impeachment Incoming?
Many Republicans have called for Biden to be impeached for various policy failures. However, as salacious details from Hunter’s laptop show the president’s involvement in his son’s business deals, this, too, could open the door to potential impeachment.

In emails found on Hunter’s laptop, his father was mentioned as the “Big Guy” who reportedly took a 10% cut from successful business transactions.

At this point, many Americans are wondering just how deep this rabbit hole goes.