100-Year-Old WWII Veteran: ‘That Isn’t What We Fought For’

A 100-year-old veteran who served during World War II in the Pacific theater was overcome with emotion during an interview with Fox 13 as he talked about the current state of the country.

While reflecting on the “good life” that he had lived, and thinking about the current state of the nation, 100-year-old WWII veteran Carl Dekel lamented the fact that people today “don’t realize what they have,” and noted that the way the world has become is not what his fellow soldiers died for.

Dekel was featured by Fox 13 for the occasion of reaching the century milestone, which he celebrated on June 29 with his friends and family in Plant City, Florida.

During the interview, as he was talking about the “good life” he lived and all of the “beautiful” things in the world, the Marine Corps veteran also talked about being worried for the future.

“People don’t realize what they have,” Dekel said regarding the younger generations.

The veteran then became overwhelmed with emotion, pointing out that the direction the country is headed in currently is not what he and his fellow soldiers fought and died for.

“And nowadays, I am so upset about it. That the things we did, and the things we fought for, and the boys that died for it, it’s all going down the drain,” Dekel said. “Our country is going to hell in a handbasket.”


Dekel — who served in the Battle of Guadalcanal, which took place between August of 1942 and February of 1943 — reflected on the sacrifices of his fellow soldiers during WWII, wondering if their efforts were all for nothing because the country they fought for was not the same one as it is today.

“We haven’t got the country we had when I was raised. Nobody will have the opportunity that I had,” the Marine Corps veteran said. “That’s not what they died for. That isn’t what we fought for.”

Despite lamenting the current state of the country, Dekel brightened up again when discussing how life can be “beautiful” and reminding people to enjoy every moment in life.

“You just remember everything’s beautiful and live every day to the fullest. Just enjoy everything you possibly can,” he said.